Precision Perfomance Products
VS-1 Tunnel Hull     Length 28" (711mm),      Beam 11" (280mm),        Height 5.25" (130mm) 
Requires 2 channel radio, High torque servo, Motor, and Drive unit    $150.00

Aquacraft Marine Brushless 36-56-2030kv  #AQUG7001  6 pole, 7-18.5volt, 50amp, 5mm shaft, 4mm plugs.  $79.99

UL-1 Super Cooler   1.75OD X 2" long.  This is the top of the line water jacket for the UL-1. Four holes for universal placement of cooling lines. The jacket covers just about the entire motor for maximum cooling. Comes with nickle plated fully adjustable banjo fittings and blind plugs for the holes not in use. Ribbed for her pleasure.

Aquacraft 60amp Marine ESC   #AQUM7011  4mm Gold-Plated Bullet Connector,  Male Deans Ultra Plug,  72A Surge,  BEC: 2.5V/2A,  Input Voltage: 12-14 NiMh 4 Cell Lipo (8-20V inout w/o BEC)   $89.99

Futaba Double Sided Servo Horn  Made from aluminum, hard anodized. Is 2.2 inches in length. Perfect fit for the VS-1.

VS-1 Cowling  AQUB6226    Ships USA only.   $25.00 

Cowl Thumb Screws  AQUB9538    Replacement Thumb screws.  Sold in pairs

Motor Mount Plate    Internal motor mount plate.   Standard bolt pattern that is threaded so no need for locknuts and washers.  $5.50

GrimRacer Pull-Pull Wheel Assembly 35mm   Stainless nuts and screws included.  $6.30

Radio Box Cable Guide   With 4 stainless screws.

VS-1 Decal Sheet  AQUB6328  $9.00

Hyperformance Bullet Drive Assembly   This is the entire unit with all components needed to run a 540 electric motor.
Parts included:   #350BD-Lower unit,    #PSA35-Prop Shaft Assy,    # DC1563S2-5/32 x 4.75 flex cable,    #OBMM35-Motor Mount, #EOBCK35-5mm Electric O/B conversion kit.         $130.00 Total                  Replacement parts sold separately below

Hyperformance Bullet Drive 3.5cc Outboard lower Unit #350BD  Aluminum cast housing, stainless steel liner, adjustable cavitation plate with water pickup.   Made in USA  $50.00

Hyperformance 3.5 Outboard Motor Mount #OBMM35     Adjustable aluminum out drive mount with bushing and hardened pin.
For the Hyperformance 3.5 Bullet Drive or 3.5 Angle Drive.  Made in USA  $25.00

Hyperformance Electric Out Board Conversion kit #EOBCK35-5mm  This kit is supplied with electric motor mount and integrated steering arm, 5mm to square cable coupler, all hardware needed to install on 3.5cc outboard lower units.  Made in USA  $36.00

Hyperformance Outboard Bullet Drive Flex Cable #DC1563S2  5/32 x 4.75 squared end flex cable for the Bullet Drive   $7.25

Hyperformance 3.5 Prop Shaft Assembly #PSA35  Stainless housing, hardened shaft, teflon washer,drive dog. Made in USA $24.25

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