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UL-1 Upgrades                       
Aquacrafts UL-1 Brushless Hydro RTR
All fiberglass hull featuring state of the art sponsons.      2.4ghz Tatic radio with a 2030kv motor and 60amp esc.
Overall Length: 29-1/4" (744mm)       Width: 14-1/4" (360mm)      Overall Height: 6-3/4" (170mm)
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Adjustable Stuffing Tube Bracket
  Fully adjustable bracket for 1/4 brass tube. Adjustable height, any angle and if installed with spacer washers can be adjusted side ways also. Perfect for scratch building on monos or cats. Great upgrade for the UL-1 or Motley Crew.    $8.50

Motley Crew / UL-1 / SV27R Water Jacket  Aquacrafts new anodized aluminum water jacket for their 1800kv and 2050kv motors. Has 8 positions for the water fittings for better line positioning. $6.30 each

GrimRacer Lipo Speed Pack 2s 7.4v 5000mAh 40c/80c  Designed and tested specifically for boat hulls and boat racing. with Deans Ultra Connector and ElectriFly / JST balancing plug.  $80.00 each

Super Duty Turn Fin Bracket   Made from super strong 7075 aluminum anodized black. 42% thicker then the stock unit. Guaranteed not to flex. Makes dialing the boat in easier even with the stock fin. Also has a larger foot print against the hull for better support. Even if you don't install a third bolt in the hull just epoxy this unit down for more strength.
Another quality Kintec Racing product.        Made in USA        $12.00ea

Internal Fin Bracket / Sponson Doubler     Made from 3/16 (5mm) thick aluminum with threaded 3mm holes. Can be used with stock bracket or Kintec Racing bracket. Makes the bracket rock solid. Comes with extra long stainless screws.       $15.00 ea

Milled Fiberglass Epoxy Strengthener  This is milled fiberglass that is used to strengthen any epoxy and speed up setting time. Mix 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon per ounce. Perfect for installing your internal fin bracket. 4OZ bottle

  UL-1 Straight Turn Fin    Made from .090 thick 7075 High strength aluminum. Not only thicker but much stronger material then stock. The fin is straight for less lift but still tune able to end users liking.      $17.00 ea     Made in USA
    Out of Stock

UL-1 2mm Aquacraft Fin  AQUB9539  Aquacrafts upgrade fin is 2mm thick and comes with the stock mounting bracket and all hardware needed for installation.  

Grimracer Polished Turn Fin  AQUB9515 Polished and hard anodized. Mounting bracket and stainless screws included. $18.00

Nylon Screws
  No need to damage your hull when your rudder or turn fin hits something. A quick and easy fix is to add nylon breakaway screws so the fin will kick up upon striking an object.  6 screws and 6 nuts per set.

Carbon Fiber Air Dam  Epoxy to bottom to help keep the boat planted. 10mm square (3/8")

Air Dam   Made from .030 Lexan precut and bent 90 degrees for a perfect fit. 7 3/4 long X 1/2 X 1/2. Strong yet flexible. Use servo tape to attach to hull and hatch tape over that.

UL-1 Upgrade Flex Shaft  We used the best components from both Octura and Prather to make these upgrade flex shafts. Better balanced for less vibration and wear on the drive line. Lock nut, jam nut, drive dog and teflon liner included. Soldered end.10x32thd

KR Upgrade Bushing  Replaces AQUB7884 and has larger holes for better lube. This bushing fits boats using the standard 1/4" brass tube. If your boat has the 6.5mm brass tube minor sanding is required.  Another quality Kintec Racing product. $6.00

Waterproof High Torque Servo The first fully waterproof servo on the market. 80 oz/in of torque
Length  2.16" (55mm)
Height  1.69" (43mm)
Weight 1.58oz (45g)

Futaba Servo Mounting Hardware       Everything needed to mount your new servo.
Pack contains 1pc FUTM2260 servo horn screw
, 2pcs FUTM2348 rubber grommet, 4pcs FUTM2250 mounting screws with washer, 4pcs FUTM3650 brass eyelets.  Everything sold separately on the servo page.  One low price $5.00

5.5MM Bullet Connectors  A must have for hi amp applications and an excellent upgrade from Deans type. Perfect for 10 Gauge wire.  $1.00 per pair, one male and one female.

Aquacraft #Aqub9760  L40 x 57 3 blade  This is Grimracers first pick for an upgrade prop.      Made in USA

GrimRacer 40 X 52/3  Aquacraft# AQUB9720   High performance Copper-Beryllium-Titanium.  These props are impressive. Very well made with no flashing and tumbled to a bright finish. If you don't know how to balance a prop these are as close as you can get. Very close in size and pitch as the octura 440/3.      Made in USA

Grimracer  L38 x 55  Aquacraft# AQUB9755  2 Blade lifter prop.  Another Aquacraft recommended upgrade for the UL-1. Fits 3/16 shaft.  $21.99ea

3 blade 40mm.  Part# AQUB7888. This is the stock prop that comes with your boat. A good sport running prop and not to hard on your wallet. Sold in pairs for $16.99

10-32 Brass Bullet Nut   Solid brass bullet for 3/16 shafts. Solid brass and Nickel plated brass. $3.45


4mm Aluminum Bullet Nut  Hard anodized aluminum. Has a 4mm thread.  $2.00
Blue Out of Stock

Thrust Bearing  For motors with 5mm shaft. Helps prevent wear on motor bearings. Mount between motor and collet.   $7.80ea

Stainless Steel 5mm x .150  2pc collet that fits a 5mm motor shaft and .150 flex cable.  Same length as the stock Aquacraft collet and Octura long but much nicer.   $10.00ea

Octura 5mm x .150 collet   This is the long style with 2 set screws.

Rearview Mirrors  AQUB8650

Canopy  AQUB6227   Replacement canopy with magnet   $34.99 each

Linkage Boot  This is the replacement boot for the UL-1 or Rio51z.  Fits 4-40 push rods. $5.50 per pair

Hatch w/ Magnets     AQUB6999 replacement hatch

Vertical Fins     AQUB930#     Replacement fins sold in pairs by color.     $21.99 each

Aquacraft Collet   AQUB7886   Discontinued

Aquacraft Marine Brushless 36-56-2030kv  #AQUG7001  6 pole, 7-18.5volt, 50amp, 5mm shaft, 4mm plugs.  $79.99

Motor Mount Screws AQUB7896  Stainless 3mm x 6mm socket head screws and washers.  $3.60 pair

Aquacraft 60amp Marine ESC   #AQUM7011  4mm Gold-Plated Bullet Connector,  Male Deans Ultra Plug,  72A Surge,  BEC: 2.5V/2A,  Input Voltage: 12-14 NiMh 4 Cell Lipo (8-20V inout w/o BEC)   $89.99

Rubycon Capacitor  Voltage Rating: 35VDC  Capacitance: 1000uF  Type: High Temp    Seaking 180 replacement
$0.75 each

Exhaust Headers  AQUB6431

Flex Shaft   Aquacraft   AQUB7873  UL-1   .150 flex cable with 3/16 shaft

Drive Dog  AQUB7885  Drive Dog with Prop nut     $8.00

Teflon Cable Liner  AQUB7869     For .150 cable x 10inch (254mm) long.    $10.00

Vinyl Electrical Hatch seal tape  Colored electrical tape for sealing the hatch is my personal favorite. You can use this tape more then once which is great for testing and setting up when you need to check for leaks and check your temps. 3/4 wide x 66 feet long.  $1.50 per roll

Hatch Seal Tape. This is probably the most popular tape for sealing up your hatch. Makes a nice watertight seal. Leaves no residue and will not pull your decals when removing.   1 inch wide X 100 feet long.      $2.95 per roll

Strut Assembly w/Bushing and Hardware AQUB6950  $38.00

Strut Bushing  AQUB7884    Discontinued

Rudder Mounting Bracket w/ Hardware  AQUB8730    $23.00

Rudder  AQUB8731        $22.00

Rudder Tiller Arm  AQUB8729  $11.00

Servo Mount   AQUB8781    $13.00

Steering Rod Assembly  AQUB8780

Drain Plug   AQUB9506  $1.35

Aquacraft Blue Tubing 3 feet of silicone tubing

Grim Racer Speed Grease  AQUB9500  2ounces  One of the best cable greases on the market and enough to last years.

Decal Sheet  AQUB6302  Complete set

Aquacraft 36mm Water Jacket

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