Precision Perfomance Products
SV27 Nitro             

Trim Tab Adjusters  This should be the first upgrade you get for your boat. They keep the boats trim tabs firmly planted and makes her much more stable. Makes adjustment much easier when water conditions change by just turning the adjustment screws. Bolts directly to boat with no modification required. All stainless hardware included.   $15. per set

Aquacraft Trim plates  Tim tabs with screws and backing plates. Polished stainless steel. Pictured with protective adhesive.

Waterproof High Torque Servo The first fully waterproof servo on the market. 80 oz/in of torque
Length  2.16" (55mm)
Height  1.69" (43mm)
Weight 1.58oz (45g)

Futaba Servo Mounting Hardware       Everything needed to mount your new servo.
Pack contains 1pc FUTM2260 servo horn screw
, 2pcs FUTM2348 rubber grommet, 4pcs FUTM2250 mounting screws with washer, 4pcs FUTM3650 brass eyelets.  Everything sold separately on the servo page.  One low price $5.00

Nylon Screw Set    A good way to prevent damage to your rudder and keep your transome from cracking is to add a nylon breakaway screw. A quick and easy fix. 6 screws and 6 nuts per set.

4mm Aluminum Bullet Nut  Hard anodized aluminum and looks like chrome. Has a 4mm thread.  $2.00

Upgrade Bushing  This bushing fits perfect with no mods and holds more grease for better lubing. Since most of the stock bushings require filing to fit properly we made a better bushing that fits better and runs cooler not to mention less expensive. Another quality Kintec Racing product. $6.00

Collet   5mm thread.   With out question the best collet on the market. Three piece design for slip proof ultra secure grip by just snugging up the wrenches. High precision machined stainless steel with a brass insert. You can not strip or split this like the stock collet or the octura 2 piece units. Not only will this hold better it will increase the life of your flex shaft. The brass inserts are replaceable if you would ever wear it out so no need to buy the whole unit a second time.   Made in USA  $16.00

Upgrade Flex Shaft  We used the best components from both Octura and Prather to make these upgrade flex shafts. Better balanced for less vibration and wear on the drive line. Lock nut, jam nut, drive dog and teflon liner included. Soldered end.  10 x 32 thread

Aquacraft .18 Motor Mount   Rubber isolation absorbers dampen vibration. 3 1/4" long x 7/8" wide  $42.00

Aquacraft .18 Flywheel SV Nitro      $10.00ea

Aquacraft SV Nitro Fuel Tank  3.25" long x 3" high x 3" wide.   $13.00

Strut Assembly  AQUB7881

Starboard Turn Fin    $17.00

Prop Shaft with Flex Cable  #AQUB7883  Assembled flex cable and prop shaft with prop nut.  $12.99 ea

Flex options

Prop Shaft Bushing  AQUB7884  Discontinued

Drive Dog   AQUB7885    Drive dog with prop nut for 3/16 shaft. Very small 8mm OD.  $7.99ea

Teflon Cable Liner    For .150 cable x 10inch (254mm) long.    $10.00

Aquacraft Rudder Nitro  $19.00ea

Rudder Control Arm  AQUB8713

Rudder Bracket with hardware  AQUB7889

Grimracer Transom Pickup    Bolts threw the hull. Everything needed included. For 1/8 line.   $7.30

Aquacraft Nitro Collet  5mm thread for motor and .150 for flexshaft.

Aquacraft Nitro Radio Box w/ servo tray  Includes radio box, rubber boots, servo tray, switch mount plate, switch seal, and mounting screws.  $39.00ea

Aquacraft Header Cooling Coil  Aluminum cooling coil wraps around the header for cooling.  $3.20

Aquacraft Blue Tubing  3 feet of silicone tubing.

Aquacraft Green Fuel Tubing
  3 feet of glow fuel tubing. Inner diameter is 3/32 and outer diameter is 3/16.

Aquacraft 37mm  This is the stock sv27 nitro prop.  Sold in pairs. $17.00

Octura X437/3  Beryllium Copper prop.    Diameter of 1.48" (37.59mm)  pitch is 2.072" (52.63mm)       Fits 3/16 shaft.          14.50ea

GrimRacer Cowl Locks  Sold in pairs. Easy release with just a 1/4 turn.

Linkage Boot  Fits in the transom and over the linkage. Also used on the radio box. 2 per pack. $5.50

AquaCraft GrimRacer Radio Box Tape  3/4 inch wide made by 3M

Cowl Hatch    Aquacraft #    AQUB62**   $27.50 ea

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