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RIO EP            
AquaCraft Rio EP 2.4GHz Offshore Superboat RTR


  • Offshore superboat styling with a factory-applied trim scheme
  • Durable, lightweight ABS construction
  • Tactic™ 2.4GHz pistol-grip radio system with SLT™ – Secure Link Technology
  • Dual break-away aluminum rudder system to protect transom
  • Surface Drive system for enhanced control and performance
  • 1/8” flex cable and prop shaft
  • 550-sized water-cooled motor
  • Aluminum trim plates allow fine-tuning for maximum performance
  • Sealed, waterproof ESC and Receiver
  • Built-in drain plug
  • Boat stand

Hull Length:
25.5 in (647 mm)
Overall Length: 28.3 in (720 mm)
Beam: 6.4 in (160 mm)
Weight: 26.4 oz (750 g)
Height: 5 in (125 mm)
Requires: 6- or 7-cell NiCd/NiMH battery, charger and 4 "AA" batteries

Upgrade Collet 1/8 x 1/8 Stainless steel 2pc collet that fits a 1/8" (3.175mm) motor shaft and .125 flex cable. $9.00 ea

Traxxas VXL Micro Water Proof Servo  This is a great upgrade. Waterproof with standard plug.   $25.00

Upgrade Motor  Looking for some more speed? The ElectriFly S-600 is a great upgrade with no other mods to the electrics required. Only $16.00

Cowl        AQUB6214    $8.00

Decal Sheet   AQUB6305   $3.50

Cowl Latch   AQUB6402  $1.30

Boat Stand AQUB7108  $3.60

42MM Props  AQUB7797 $5.50 per pair

Drive Dog w/ lock nut  AQUB7852  Used on RIO EP and Hammer     $3.60

Motor Mount Cover, Wire holders and screws  AQUB7897  $3.20

Water cooling coil  AQUB7898  $1.80

Nylon Breakaway screws w/ nuts  AQUB7901  $.90

Radio Box Lid  AQUB8612  $1.35

Rudder Control Arm  AQUB8740  $4.50

Rudders w/ Bolts  AQUB8741  $16.00

Rudder Mount w/ Pivots  AQUB8743  $17.00

Rudder Linkage set  AQUB8744  $2.30

Rudder Pivot Hinge Pins  AQUB8745  $1.80

Trim Tabs / Turn Fins w/ screws  AQUB9038  $2.70

Water Pickup  AQUB9045  $.90

Wire Drive Prop Shaft  AQUB9266  $9.50

Transom Drain Plug  AQUB9277  Used on RIO EP and Mini Thunder  $.90

Radio Box Seal Boot   AQUB9503  $2.70

Elec. Motor 550  AQUG1060  $13.00

ESC Forward/Reverse  AQUM7037  $30.00

Steering Servo  AQUM7050  $15.50

Grim Racer Speed Grease  AQUB9500  2ounces  One of the best cable greases on the market and enough to last years.

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