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32" Pursuit

Hand laid fiberglass that has been Gelcoated on the exterior. Has a 2pc 3/16 flex cable and 3/16 shaft held by a 5mm x 3/16 2pc stainless steel collet. All CNC machined aluminum hardware included which consists of a 130mm long break away rudder with water pickup. Fully adjustable stinger. Stainless trim tabs with aluminum tab adjusters. Adjustable turn fins. Stainless drive dog and prop bullet nut with a 42mm back cut bronze prop. Laser cut fiberglass motor and servo mount installed. Recommended for 4s and this thing fly's. Very stable and turns on a dime.
ARTR Pursuit      SSS-3674 2075kv motor, 125A esc. Stinger drive. Great 4s-5s solid setup. All you need to add is a servo and radio.

All Carbon Fiber Hull and Hardware  Beautiful boats almost ready to go. All hardware is installed. Motor mount and stuffing tube with two piece flex, drive shaft and collet installed. Just add the electronics. If you would like us to build complete just add the motor, esc and servo you want then add one labor to your cart and we will build it for you. Give us two or three days to complete.


One of a kind Custom Paint ARTR

Pursuit Vee  Bare hull and hatch ready for your own internal layout. Hand laid fiberglass with a base gel coat. 32" long and 9 1/4" wide at the transom. One of the best vee bottoms out there. Should be painted. Could be used as is but does have minor blemishes.

Stinger Seals  These make a perfect watertight seal in the stock strut. Use at least 2. Sold in pack of 4 for $1.00

3/16 One Piece Upgrade Shaft  For Pursuit w/ Stinger. Welded 3/16 flex and 3/16 shaft.  Cut to length with soldered end. Includes Locking prop nut. A perfect upgrade that is direct bolt on. 10-32 thread.

3/16 One Piece Upgrade Shaft  For Pursuits with Strut. Welded 3/16 flex and 3/16 shaft. Cut to length with soldered end. Includes Locking prop nut. A perfect upgrade that is direct bolt on. 10-32 thread.

Thrust Bearing  For any motor with 5mm shaft. Helps prevent wear on motor bearings. Mount between motor and collet.   $7.80ea
Note: A small spacer is needed for the stock water cooled motor mount to keep the collet from rubbing.

Carbon Fiber Motor Mount Stringer Assembly Made to keep everything in line and on center for better center of gravity. Can be used with 36mm or 40mm diameter motor mounts 74mm-92mm long. Use Aluminum stuffing tube T-bar for stuffing tube adjustment both up and down and correct angle alignment. Moves the servo to center for more lipo adjustment. Motor mounts, servo and t-bar sold separately. Another quality Kintec Racing product. $23.00

5mm x 3/16  Stainless steel 2pc collet that fits a 5mm motor shaft and 3/16 flex cable.  $10.00 each

Teflon Washers 3/16   Place between the drive dog and strut to prevent wear. Can be used on 3/16 or 4mm shafts. Pack of 5 for $3.00

Teflon Cable Liner    Replacement liner 12inch long (300mm).    $3.00

Brass Tube  Replacement stuffing tube with liner for Pursuit.   300mm long (12").  $6.00

7mm Adjustable Stuffing Tube Bracket
  Fully adjustable bracket for 7mm brass tube. Adjustable height, any angle and if installed with spacer washers can be adjusted side ways also. Perfect for scratch building on monos or cats. Great upgrade for the Pursuit.  $8.50

Transom Mount Water Pickup  Machined aluminum transom water pickup. A nice clean set up only requiring one hole for mounting. 5/32 brass pickup tube. $6.50 each

442 Back Cut  (42x59)  Diameter of 42mm x 1.4p = 58.8mm total pitch     Fits 3/16 shaft.  $12.00

GrimRacer 42 X 55  Aquacraft #AQUB9725    This is the prop Grim Racer recommends for top end speed on a SV27. According to the Aquacraft chart it is the replacement for a Prather 230 but it has a radius on the tip where the Prather is more pointed.
Diameter 42mm - pitch 55mm.   Fits 3/16 shaft.   Made in USA

Prather 220
   Has  diameter of 1.72" (43.7mm) and a pitch of 1.5, total 2.6"     Fits a 3/16 shaft.    Made in USA


X442  Has a diameter of 42mm and pitch of 1.4  Fits 3/16 shaft  $22.00

3/16 Teflon Bushings  Replacement bushings for strut.  2 pcs for $2.50

Pursuit 3/16 Flex  This is the stock replacement shaft that comes on the boat. 3/16 flex. Round on one end and square on the other. 300mm long.  $8.00

Pursuit Drive Shaft  This is the stock replacement shaft that came on the boat. Small diameter is 3/16 inch, large diameter is 1/4 inch, 100mm long, 2.7mm (.100) square  $7.00

3/16 Prop Nut  For straight shaft.  $3.00

Pursuit Hatch  Replacement Hatch. white only.
2075 FSD motor and Suppo 125a esc
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