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25" Deep Vee ARTR

25" Deep Vee Artr  Made from hand laid fiberglass with Gelcoat finish. New one piece motor mount / stringer for 540L and 540XL motors. Repositioned fiberglass servo mount for rock solid setup and better lipo positioning. Comes with a 540L 1620kv brushless motor with water jacket. Water cooled 90amp Seaking esc. Intended to be run on 4s lipo. The drive system comes with a stainless collet, 4mm flex cable, 4mm stub shaft, teflon liner inside the brass stuffing tube. Stainless drive dog and a 35mm bronze prop. Aluminum rudder with breakaway safety. Aluminum tab adjusters over stainless trim tabs. Fully adjustable strut. Adjustable turn fins.

Kintec Racing Upgrade 3/16 Versions  Same as description above except  these options come with a one piece .150 flex cable and 3/16 shaft. Allows you to grease the shaft from the rear without removing the strut. Also gives many more prop choices.

Upgrades Included:
3/16 strut
AquaCraft bushing
One Piece Flex cable .150 x 3/16 shaft w/ drive dog and nut
540L size 4 pole motor
collet 5mm x .150
cf40mm 2 blade prop (40x56)
comes with Turnigy 3665 2150kv motor.
Only available here at Kintec Racing.

Waterproof High Torque Servo The first fully waterproof servo on the market. 80 oz/in of torque
Length  2.16" (55mm)
Height  1.69" (43mm)
Weight 1.58oz (45g)
                Futaba Servo Arm 20mm long Blue aluminum       

Nylon Rudder Shear Bolts   I would not recommend running with the stock aluminum shear bolt. These hold tight yet snap before the rudder getts damaged.   5 bolts for $1.00

Park BEC   This is the best way to get rid of the receiver battery pack. Makes a cleaner and lighter setup.
Dimension Engineering's
ParkBEC is the smallest and lightest switch-mode BEC on the market. ParkBEC powers your receiver and servos much more efficiently than a standard BEC. The ParkBEC installs between your ESC and receiver.
Input voltage: 6V to 33.6v (2s-8s lithium, up to 21 NiMHs)
Output current: 1.25A continuous, 1.5A 60 second peak. (6 4-9g servos, 4 standard servos)
Weight: 6.2g/.22oz
Universal connector fits all receivers

  Kintec Racing Solid Bullet Nut.
  Made from solid brass, stainless or aluminum. Will not flake or rust like the plated ones. These can be polished to a super high luster. Photographed raw except the aluminum which is hard anodized and looks like chrome. This makes the boat look so much better and faster. The stock shaft has a 4mm thread   Made in USA.

Deans Series Connector  Use this connector to run your lipos in series such as turn two 2s lipos into one 4s. Made with 2 male deans and 1 female deans with 12awg wire

380 Water Jacket    Beautifully machined blue anodized aluminum.  28mm ID X 36mm long. Comes with 2 spare o-rings.

3/16 Upgrade Strut  Replacement stock strut. Has 3/16 teflon bushings.  $30.00

3/16 Upgrade Strut   This is a stock strut re-machined for .150 flex cable and 3/16 shaft.  Makes the boat so much more user friendly. Enables flex cable removal from back of boat without removing the strut to grease the shaft. Also gives you a larger variety of props to choose from.  Comes with an Aquacraft bushing which runs much smoother and faster then the stock teflon bushings.

Medium Push Rod Boots Stock replacement boot.  Fits both 2-56 and 4-40 push rods. Overall length is 1.34 inch (40mm). Use 1/4 drill. $1.60 per pair.

Upgrade Flex Shaft    This is the flex shaft for the upgrade strut. Perfectly balanced. Cut to length. Soldered end for better collet grip.   .150 cable x 3/16 shaft. Complete unit with drive dog and prop nut. Has a 10-32 thread.

35mm Stock Bronze Prop   This is the stock replacement prop that came with the boat. Fits 4mm shaft.  $12.00

Prop Adapter  These will adapt the stock 4mm shaft to a 3/16 prop.  Sold in pairs.  2 for $2.00

1/8 Stainless Steel Thrust Bearing  Install between the coupler and motor to help take the load off the motor bearings. Fits 1/8 shaft and has an OD of 7/16.   $5.00 each

Hatch Seal Tape. This is probably the most popular tape for sealing up your hatch. Makes a nice watertight seal. Leaves no residue and will not pull your decals when removing.   1 inch wide X 100 feet long.      $2.95 per roll

1/8 x 4mm  These are a stainless steel 2 pc collet that fits a .125 (3.175mm) motor shaft and 4mm flex cable.

4mm Made to fit a 4mm shaft. Has an outside diameter of 8mm.

Teflon Washers 4mm   Place between the drive dog and strut to prevent wear. For 4mm shafts.
Pack of 5 for $2.75

Teflon Cable Liner for 6mm Tube    Replacement liner 12inch long (300mm).    $3.00

4mm/.150 Flex Brass Stuffing Tube w/ Liner  Replacement stuffing tube with liner for Prince-Rocket. Also great for .150 flex cable.  
300mm long (12"). 

4mm Stock Replacement Cable   This is the replacement 4mm flex cable with square drive that came with your boat.  $8.00

4mm Square Drive Shaft   This is the replacement drive shaft that came with your boat.  $8.00

4mm Stock Strut  Replacement stock strut. Has 4mm teflon bushings.  $16.00

4mm Teflon Bushings  Replacement bushings for 4mm shaft strut. 2pcs for $2.50

Stock Replacement Rudder  Aluminum hard anodized machined rudder with water pickup. 3 inch (75mm) blade length from bottom of bracket to tip. 2 3/8 inch (61mm) from transom to rear of rudder. Adjustable linkage can be mounted on either side. Breakaway aluminum bottom bolt but I recommend this be replaced with nylon breakaway bolt to prevent damaging threads.  $20.00

70 Amp Suppo Water Cooled ESC  This is the stock esc that came with the boat. Operators manual included.   $50.00

28-58  2881KV XL Replacement Motor w/ Water Jacket     28mm diameter x 58mm long.   1/8 shaft.    9.6 volt- 14.4volt 
max amps 38a

Grim Racer Speed Grease  AQUB9500  2ounces  One of the best cable greases on the market and enough to last years.

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