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Outlaw Jr                            
Thunder Tiger Outlaw Jr OBL Deep Vee RTR
The sleek deep vee hull knifes through the water and the water cooled brushless motor provides the power. At 29 inches long with an 8.3 inch beam it is great for most size ponds. A 2.4GHz radio delivers secure, precise control. Everything is already installed. all you need is a 3s lipo.
• Water-cooled OBL29/20-15M brushless motor
• Water-cooled BLC-40A ESC
• Thunder Tiger Cougar PS2 2.4GHz 2-channel radio with 10 model memory and mini receiver
• ABS blow-molded deep vee hull that's preassembled and pre-painted
• Wooden display stand

Green Hatch Cover        Replacement hatch.  $17.00

Yellow Hatch Cover     Replacement hatch.  $17.00

Prop Shaft   $9.00

Rudder Set     Complete set with transom mount, servo arm and water pickup.  $6.30

Radio Box Set    Includes Radio Box with Rubber Gasket, Clear Cover, Plywood Mounting Plate, Thumbscrews and Mounting Hardware.   $12.00

Trim Tabs   Two aluminum Trim Tabs with four mounting screws.     $5.50

Prop Shaft   Aluminum Prop Shaft with 3.5mm Nut, Drive Dog, Washer and Set Screw.  $7.00

Motor Mount  with brackets and screws. $7.00

Steering Rod  with clevis and rod boot.  $2.70

Boat Stand  Plywood with foam strips to cushion boat.  Discontinued

Coupler  Motor to shaft coupler with wrench.  $1.45

OBL 29/19-15m Motor   Ace Ripper water cooled outrunner 1900kv motor.  $65.00  Discontinued
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