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Motley Crew            
FE Catamaran 2.4GHz RTR
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Motley Crew / UL-1 / SV27R Water Jacket  Aquacrafts new anodized aluminum water jacket for their 1800kv and 2050kv motors. Has 8 positions for the water fittings for better line positioning. $6.30 each

Upgrade Flex Shaft w/ liner and nut.  Replacement Upgrade shaft. Better balanced for less bushing wear. Comes with soldered collet end, drive dog, and zuber lock nut.  $25.00

10-32 Brass Bullet Nut   Solid brass bullet for 3/16 shafts. Solid brass and Nickel plated brass. Fits upgrade shafts.  $3.45


KR Upgrade Bushing  Replaces AQUB7884 and has larger holes for better lube. This bushing fits boats using the standard 1/4" brass tube. Another quality Kintec Racing product. $6.00 Will not fit boats with the metric tube.

Traxxas 2056 Waterproof High Torque Servo The first fully waterproof servo on the market. 80 oz/in of torque
Length  2.16" (55mm)
Height  1.69" (43mm)
Weight 1.58oz (45g)

Nylon Shear Bolts   A good way to prevent damage to your rudder and keep your transom from cracking is to add a nylon breakaway bolt. A quick and easy fix. 6 screws and 6 nuts per set

Thrust Bearing  For motors with 5mm shaft. Helps prevent wear on motor bearings. Mount between motor and collet.   $7.80ea

Stainless Steel 5mm x .150  2pc collet that fits a 5mm motor shaft and .150 flex cable.  Same length as the octura long but much nicer.   $10.00ea

Octura 5mm x .150 collet   This is the long style with 2 set screws.

GrimRacer 42-55  Aquacraft #AQUB9725  According to the Aquacraft chart it is the replacement for a Prather 230 but it has a radius on the tip where the Prather is more pointed.
Diameter 42mm - pitch 55mm.   Fits 3/16 shaft.   Made in USA

4mm Aluminum Bullet Nut  Hard anodized aluminum. Has a 4mm thread for stock shaft.  $2.00

5.5MM Bullet Connectors  A must have for hi amp applications and an excellent upgrade from Deans type. Perfect for 10 Gauge wire.  $1.00 per pair, one male and one female.

Hatch Seal Tape. This is probably the most popular tape for sealing up your hatch. Makes a nice watertight seal. Leaves no residue and will not pull your decals when removing.   1 inch wide X 100 feet long.      $2.95 per roll

Grim Racer Speed Grease  AQUB9500  2ounces  One of the best cable greases on the market and enough to last years.

Strut Assembly w/Bushing and Hardware AQUB6950   $38.00

Motley Crew Boat Stand  AQUB7111  $13.00

Teflon Cable Liner    AQUB7869  For .150 cable x 10inch (254mm) long.    $10.00

Strut Bushing  AQUB7884    Discontinued

Drive Dog  AQUB7885  Drive Dog with Prop nut     $8.00

Aquacraft Collet   AQUB7886    Discontinued $12.00

Flex Cable  AQUB8000  $17.00

Rudder Tiller Arm  AQUB8729  $11.00

Rudder Mounting Bracket w/ Hardware  AQUB8730    $23.00

Rudder Blade with water pickup  AQUB8731        $22.00

Rudder Blade without water pickup  Comes complete with set screws and pivot pin.   $21.50

Servo Mount   AQUB8781    $13.00

Radio Box Seal Boot   AQUB9503  $2.70

Drain Plug   AQUB9506  $1.35

AuaCraft Brushless 6 Pole Marine Motor 36-56-1800kv   $79.99

Aquacraft Marine Brushless 36-56-2030kv  #AQUG7001  6 pole, 7-18.5volt, 50amp, 5mm shaft, 4mm plugs.  $79.99

Motor Mount Screws AQUB7896  Stainless 3mm x 6mm socket head screws and washers.  $3.60 pair

Aquacraft 60amp Marine ESC   #AQUM7011  4mm Gold-Plated Bullet Connector,  Male Deans Ultra Plug,  72A Surge,  BEC: 2.5V/2A,  Input Voltage: 12-14 NiMh 4 Cell Lipo (8-20V inout w/o BEC)   $89.99

Futaba S3003 Standard Servo  $11.00

Motley Crew Cowl    AQUB6233   $51.00

AquaCraft GrimRacer T Shirt  High quality "Fruit of the Loom" brand. 100% Cotton. Well made and will last. AquaCraft logo on the front and GrimRacer logo on the back. Only $10.00
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