Precision Perfomance Products
Miss Geico Upgrades

Mystic Break Away Bracket This bracket is machined for the same placement as the stock rudder but has the breakaway feature to protect your transom and rudder.  $39.95

Geico Offset Rudder Bracket  This bracket moves the rudder off center and closer to the transom to get the rudder out of the prop wash. This also allows for easier greasing of the flex cable. Works great with breakaway bolts. Mounting bolts and rudder shim included.

Shear Bolts  For use with Kintec offset bracket.

Removable Replacement Bushing  Before your shaft seizes to the stock bushing you might want to change it out for one that can be greased. This is a floating bushing and will spin freely.

BlackJack29, Miss Geico, Mystic Upgrade Shaft     Perfectly balanced. Cut to length. Soldered end for better collet grip. Machined drive dog slot.  .150 cable x 3/16 shaft. Complete unit with stainless drive dog, jam nut, prop nut. Has a 10-32 thread.

Push Button Hatch Locks  Aluminum spring loaded hatch locks. 10mm diameter. Sold in pairs for $6.00

10-32 Brass Bullet Nut   Solid brass bullet for 3/16 shafts. Solid brass and Nickel plated brass. $3.45


Stainless Steel 5mm x .150  2pc collet that fits a 5mm motor shaft and .150 flex cable.  Same length as the octura long but much nicer.   $10.00ea

Prather 215
    This is the same as the stock prop.  Has a diameter of 1.6" (40.6mm) and a total pitch of 2.5"
    Fits a 3/16 shaft.    Made in USA

Prather 220
   Has  diameter of 1.72" (43.7mm) and a total pitch of 2.6"     Fits a 3/16 shaft.    Made in USA


Octura Collet Short  For 5mm motor shaft and .150 flex cable.

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