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Mini Wildcat                   
AquaCraft Mini Wildcat Catamaran RTR


This cat's ready to pounce – with dual motor drive!

  • Race almost anywhere — less than 15" long.
  • Fully equipped and ready to run.

Include everything you need for offshore action:

  • Completely assembled Mini Wildcat boat and stand
  • AquaCraft 2-channel radio system
  • 1100mAh (7.2V) NiMH battery and 12V field charger

Stock Number:
14.75 in (375 mm)
Width: 5 in (127 mm)
Height: 3.5 in (89 mm)
RTR Weight: 16.9 oz (479 g)
Motors: Two water-cooled AquaCraft T-270 (included)
Radio: AquaCraft 2-channel FM radio (included)
Requires: (8) "AA" batteries

Cowl  AQUB6228  $4.50

Wire Drive w/ Prop Shaft  AQUB6266  $7.30

Deck Lids        AQUB6400

Decal Sheet   AQUB6306  $3.60

Cowl Latch   AQUB6402  $1.30

Boat Stand  AQUB7109  $3.60 Discontinued

30mm FRP Props   AQUB7757  $4.50

Motor Mount Dual T-270 w/ Mounting Plate  AQUB7902  $13.50

Motor Coupler   AQUB7903   $2.70

Rudder Linkage  AQUB8733   $1.80

Rudder Assembly Complete   AQUB8735    $8.00

Rudder   AQUB8736   $3.60

AquaCraft Rudder Control Arm     AQUB8738   $1.05

Rudder Support Brackets  AQUB8742    $1.50

Water Cooling Coils  AQUB9215   $3.60

T-270 Motor  AQUG1062   $5.50

Receiver/Elec. Speed Control A1   AQUM3516    For the Blue Boat   $14.50

Receiver/ Elec. Speed Control A2   AQUM3517   For the Red Boat   $14.50

Receiver/ Elec. Speed Control A3  AQUM3518   For the Yellow Boat   $14.50

Receiver/ Elec. Speed Control A4   AQUB3519   For the Orange Boat  $14.50

Grim Racer Speed Grease  AQUB9500  2ounces  One of the best cable greases on the market and enough to last years.

Transom Drain Plug          AQUB9277       $.90

Mini Steering Servo   AQUM7050    $15.50

Drive Dog w/ lock nut     AQUB7852    $3.60

Antenna Mount    AQUB9505    $1.80

Rudder O-Ring   $.90

Radio Box Seal Boot   AQUB9503  $2.70

Water Pickup  AQUB9045  $.90

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