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Mini Mono

Mini Size Max Performance !!!!
The Minimono represents a new breed of boat. A mini sized model equipped with a brushless motor and an esc designed for a Lipo battery. This advanced power system makes the Minimono one fast boat that's lots of fun to drive. Its smaller size and responsive handling let you race on smaller bodies of water, and its affordable to operate too!
Water-cooled 28-30-2200kV brushless motor
20A ESC with Deans Ultra Plug connector
Tactic™ 2.4GHz radio system with interference-free control, no-crystal convenience and Secure Link Technology
A breakaway feature allows the rudder to swing back and avoid damage upon impact with an object in the water
16 inches long with a 5.5 inch wide beam.
Only requires a single 3s 1000mAh Lipo.

MiniMono Cowl Hatch      AQUB6234      $11.00

Wire Drive with Prop Shaft   AQUB6267   $10.00

30mm FRP Props   AQUB7757  $4.50

Motor Coupler    AQUB7907   $5.50

Rudder Assembly Complete   AQUB8735    $8.00

Rudder   AQUB8736   $3.60

Rudder Support Brackets  AQUB8742    $1.50

Rudder Linkage with Control Arm     AQUB8752     $3.30

Turn Fin Plates      AQUB9281   $6.50

Aquacraft 28-35-2200kv Brushless Motor    AQUG7003   $40.00

Aquacraft 20-Amp Lipo ESC   AQUM3530    $40.00
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