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Traxxas DCB M41 Widebody Catamaran TSM Brushless RTR

This is the Traxxas Radio Controlled, Electric Powered, Ready to Race DCB-M41 40" Twin Hull Catamaran with Traxxas Stability Management (TSM).

Hull Length: 39.5" (1003mm)
Overall Length: 40.6" (1031mm)
Overall Height: 9.95" (253mm)
Beam: 10.5" (267mm)
Weight: 5.42lb (2.4kg) without batteries
Dead Rise Angle: 14.5°
Input Voltage: 4-6S LiPo, 14.8-22.2V DC
BEC Voltage: 6.0V DC
BEC Current: 3A
Thermal Protection: Thermal shutdown
Low Voltage Detection: Yes (user enabled)

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M41 Aluminum Trailer  Made from solid aluminum bar and stainless hardware. Full articulating suspension.


KR M41 Dual Cooling Rudder  Blue anodized cnc machined dual cooling rudder. This is a direct bolt on to stock bracket, nothing else needed. Run one line to your esc and the other to the motor for maximum performance. $22.00

Hatch Seal Foam  Water proof foam to help prevent leaks. Fits in the channel around the boat. Four foot roll for $1.50

Vinyl Electrical Hatch seal tape  Colored electrical tape for sealing the hatch is my personal favorite. You can use this tape more then once. 3/4 wide x 66 feet long.  $1.50

M41  3/16 Upgrade Shaft Kit  Welded 3/16 flex and 3/16 shaft cut to length with soldered end for collet grip. 10/32 locknut. Upgrade strut with 3/16 floating bushing. Stainless steal 3/16 collet. This is a direct bolt on unit. $55.00

KR Upgrade Tube Mount  This mount is used for the oversized tube for the 3/16 upgrade. Keeps the tube perfectly aligned to the motor. Only available here at Kintec Racing.

3/16 Upgrade Stuffing Tube  Pre-bent stuffing tube with liner for use with the 3/16 flex shaft.

3/16 One Piece Upgrade Shaft  Welded 3/16 flex and 3/16 shaft. Cut to length with soldered end. Includes Locking prop nut. Will not fit the stock strut.  $25.00

Leopard/Seaking Upgrade Power Package This package produces more power and speed then the stock setup. Includes a Leopard 4082 1600kv motor. A Seaking V3 180amp ESC. 68mm water jacket. Intsalled 6mm bulletts on motor and esc. Installed 5.5mm or 6mm bullets for the Lipos, your choice, with an extra set for your lipos. $240.00
Lipo Bullet Sizes

4082 Inrunners 4 Pole  These have Monster power and torque. 40mm diameter can that is 74mm long. 5mm drive shaft and use 3mm mounting screws. 4mm bullets installed on 10 gauge wire that exits out rear.

Model                KV-RPM    Lipo Cells   Max Amps   Max Voltage   Length of shaft   Shaft Dia   Weight
LBP4082-B/2Y       1600            3-6s             -------                   ----                      20mm                   5mm         485g

KR Motor Adapter Extensions  Use these extensions to connect Leopard motors to the Stock M41 ESC.

Nylon Shear Bolts  Change the bottom rudder bolt to these nylon shear bolts to protect both rudder and transom from damage. This is the first change you should make. For the Spartan rudder. Pack of 5 for $2.00

5mm x 3/16  Stainless steel 2pc collet that fits a 5mm motor shaft and 3/16 flex cable.  $10.00 each

36x60 Water Jacket Machined aluminum jacket with 90 degree fittings. Made for 36x74mm motors that are 36mm diameter (540xl type) Total length is 60mm.  $12.00

36x60 Red Water Jacket Machined aluminum jacket with 90 degree fittings. Made for 36x74mm motors that are 36mm diameter (540xl type) Jacket is 60mm long.  $12.00

HR M41 Jacket  Anodized aluminum, fits 36mm motors. $38.88

Stock Traxxas 42x59 Prop   $4.30

Prather 215    Has a diameter of 1.6" (40.6mm) and a total pitch of 2.5"    Fits a 3/16 shaft.    Made in USA

Prather 220   Has  diameter of 1.72" (43.7mm) and a total pitch of 2.6"     Fits a 3/16 shaft.    Made in USA


442 Back Cut  (42x59)  Diameter of 42mm x 1.4p = 58.8mm total pitch     Fits 3/16 shaft.  $12.00

X442 CNC Machined Sharpened and Balanced  This prop has the same diameter and pitch as the stock prop. If your new to boats and cant sharpen and balance then this prop is the way to go. Has a diameter of 42mm and pitch of 1.4  Fits 3/16 shaft  $22.00

Rubycon Capacitor  Voltage Rating: 35VDC  Capacitance: 1000uF  Type: High Temp  This little unit is great added extra insurance for your ESC.  Also if you have puffed a cap just install this instead of replacing the esc. Very easy to install. Solder the +pos (long wire) to the red wire and the -neg to the black wire and your done. Add as many as you like.   $0.75 each

Thick Wall Silicone Tubing   This is the good stuff, will not tear yet very flexible. Has a wall thickness of 2mm.
3mm inside diameter and 7mm outside diameter.  Sold in 3 foot length for $5.25
4mm inside diameter and 8mm outside diameter.  Sold in 3 foot length for $6.50

4" Colored Zip Ties   Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange. Sold in packs of 25pcs for .75 or 100pcs for $2.50


LG Bore Water Outlet New improved w/ allen socket for easier install. Machined aluminum with nut and rubber washer. Fits 3mm or 4mm tubing.   .148 ID, 1/4 thread.    $2.95

Dual Water Outlet  CNC machined blue anodized aluminum. Made in USA. $9.88

Standard Size Water Outlet  machined aluminum with nut and o-ring. For use on 1/8 and 3mm tubing.  $2.50

Traxxas Water Outlet/Hatch Post  Kit contains Hatch Post, Water Outlet, foam pads, washers and screws.  $4.80

5/32 Y Fitting    These have a large .110 inside diameter.    $1.50each

Aluminum Y Fitting Small  Works great with 3mm (1/8) or larger tubing.  $3.00 each

4mm Aluminum Bullet Nut  Hard anodized aluminum. Fits the stock shaft. Has a 4mm thread.  $2.00

4mm Stainless Jam Nut  Used to lock bullet nuts on.  .15 each

4mm Stainless Bullet Nut  Fits the stock Spartan flex shaft. Has a 4mm thread. $3.00

5mm Teflon Washers   Place between the drive dog and strut to prevent wear. Can be used on 3/16 or 5mm shafts. Pack of 5 for $3.75

Stock Trim Tab Adjusters  Great bolt on to the stock trim tabs.

Traxxas Trim Tabs  Stock trim tabs.     $5.80

HR M41 Adjustable Trim Tabs  Anodized aluminum turnbuckle style, easy to adjust. $33.88

Hot Racing Aluminum Motor Mount M41  CNC 6061-T6 aluminum construction, anodized blue and black in color. Heavy duty channel lock system. Easy access to change or service motor. $48.88

Traxxas M41 Stainless Hardware Kit m All Screws and Nuts used in the assembly of the Spartan and DCB-M41. $15.39

Stuffing Tube Seal and Push Rod Seal   Kit has one of each.  $2.00

Spartan Drive Dog  Stock brass replacement drive dog.    $2.90

Spartan Water Tubing  Stock replacement tubing. 1 meter.   $5.30

Cooling Tube Trim Ring  Blue anodized aluminum. Drill a hole just smaller then the ring and thread into the hull. Use silicone or glue for a good seal. Made for the stock tube. Will not fit 3mm or 4mm tube. One pair for $3.88

Traxxas Drive Strut DCB M41  Stock replacement strut. $18.99

HR Dual 5mm Drive Strut  Fits the stock mount and made for the stock drive shaft with dual bearings. $23.88

Traxxas Strut Mount Stock strut mount. $11.59

Traxxas Marine Grease 30cc   Use on your flex after a few runs. $6.79

Traxxas Flex Cable M41  Stock flex cable. $17.29

Traxxas M41 Stuffing Tube Assembled  Stock replacement tube with liner. $13.49

Stuffing Tube Mount Upper and Lower  Bolts included. $4.89

 Traxxas Motor Collet   Stock replacement collet.    $13.00

Traxxas Turn Fins
  Stainless turn fins with mounting screws. One left and one right.  $6.70

Traxxas M41 Rudder, Arm and Hinge Pin  Stock replacement rudder. $24.49

Traxxas Rudder Mount and Pivot  Stock replacement mount. $15.39

Traxxas M41 Rudder Pushrod with Servo Horn   Stock replacement rod set. $7.29

Body Clip Retainer / Black   4 pcs per pack.  $2.90

Body Clip Retainer / Blue    4 pcs per pack.  $2.90

Body Clip Retainer / Red   4 pcs per pack.   $2.90

Traxxas Body Clips  Pack of 12 clips for $2.80

Bent Body Clips  4pcs for $1.00

BRP Locking Body Clips  Pack of 4 clips for $1.95

Battery Straps  Velcro buckle type straps. 4 pcs per pack.  $5.80

Traxxas M41 Radio Tray  $11.59

Traxxas Motor Mount / Flex Guard  $7.79

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