Precision Perfomance Products
Aquacraft Props                

Prop Box  This is a great way to store and organize your props. Heavy Duty 18 compartment one pc box with fixed compartments so the inserts stay in place and never come loose. 10 1/2 x 6 3/16 x 1 9/16, (266mm x 157mm x 40mm). Impervious to most household chemicals, solvents, oil and gasoline. Will hold props up to 2 9/16 diameter or 65mm. $9.95

Kintec Racing Prop Balancer  This is without question the best prop balancer on the market. Can be used on any surface and does not need to be leveled. Will even work if you hold it in your hand. All other balancers that use cones need balanced. Why buy a balancer that needs balanced? Beautiful machined aluminum brackets with hardened tool steel shafts for a no wear no bend unit.                             Another quality Kintec Racing product. Made in USA  $35.00


Grim Racer Prop Balancer  This is a great entry level prop balancer  that includes shafts for 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 props.   $30.00

  TFL  Prop Balancer  Comes complete with the following shafts. 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 4mm threaded insert.  1/8, 3/16, 1/4
Can be used on any surface. $19.00ea

4mm Aluminum Bullet Nut  Hard anodized aluminum. Has a 4mm thread.  $2.00

10-32 Brass Bullet Nut   Solid brass bullet for 3/16 shafts. Solid brass and Nickel plated brass. $3.45


Bullet Nuts   
Made from solid brass or stainless steel. Much stronger then aluminum and will not flake and rust like the plated ones. These can be polished to a super high luster. Photographed raw. This makes the boat look so much better and faster.
Another quality Kintec Racing product.   Made in USA.

GrimRacer Props
High performance Copper-Beryllium-Titanium.  These props are impressive. Very well made with no flashing and tumbled to a bright finish. If you don't know how to balance a prop these are as close as you can get.

Reef Racer 2 Prop Set  Comes with 2 props 25.4mm diameter, 2 prop nuts and 2 prop retainers (drive dogs).
AQUB7755  $4.50

Bristol Bay 29.86mm  3 blade brass prop with lock nut.  $13.00 each

Mini Rio 30mm FRP Props  One pair of Mini Rio Props. 30mm diameter. Fits 1/8 shaft.  $4.50

Hammer 30mm Prop Set  Comes with 2 props, 2 drive dogs, 2 lock nuts and washers.  $5.50

Miss Vegas Y535 FRP  Fits both versions of the Miss Vegas. One pair for $4.50

Supervee27 Electric 40mm 
3 blade 40mm.  Part# AQUB7888. This is the stock supervee27 electric prop that comes with your boat. A good sport running prop and not to hard on your wallet. Sold in pairs for $16.99

Aquacraft Supervee27 Nitro 37mm  This is the stock sv27 nitro prop. A great prop for the ammo motor. Sold in pairs. $17.00

Rio EP 42MM Props  AQUB7797 For the Rio EP.  $5.50 per pair

Grimracer  36 X 55    Aquacraft # AQUB9700 2 blade  Aquacraft recommended upgrade for Miss Vegas.
Diameter 36mm - pitch 55mm.  Fits 1/8 shaft.    Made in USA

Grimracer  L38 x 55  Aquacraft# AQUB9755  2 Blade High Lift prop.  Another Aquacraft recommended upgrade for the UL-1.
Diameter 38mm - pitch 55mm.  Fits 3/16 shaft.  Made in USA

Grimracer L38 x 63  Aquacraft# AQUB9758  2 blade High Lift prop. Diameter 38mm - pitch 63mm.  Fits 3/16 shaft.  Made in USA

GrimRacer 40 X 52/3  Aquacraft# AQUB9720   3Blade prop. Diameter of 40mm - pitch 52mm. Fits 3/16 shaft.  Very close in size and pitch as the octura 440/3.      Made in USA 

GrimRacer  40 x 53    Aquacraft #AQUB9715    2 blade.       Diameter of 40mm and a pitch of 53mm.     Fits 3/16 shaft.    Made in USA

GrimRacer  L40 x 57 3 blade    Aquacraft #AQUB9760 This is Grimracers first pick for an upgrade on the UL-1.
Diameter 40mm - pitch 57mm.        Fits 3/16 shaft.    Made in USA

GrimRacer 42 X 55  Aquacraft #AQUB9725    This is the prop Grim Racer recommends for top end speed on a SV27. According to the Aquacraft chart it is the replacement for a Prather 230 but it has a radius on the tip where the Prather is more pointed.
Diameter 42mm - pitch 55mm.   Fits 3/16 shaft.   Made in USA

GrimRacer L42 X 66  #AQUB9763 Diameter of 42mm and a pitch of 66mm fits 3/16 shaft.  Made in USA.

GrimRacer L44 X 66   #AQUB9765   High Lift prop.   Diameter of 44mm and pitch of 66mm.   Fits 3/16 shaft.  Made in USA.

GrimRacer L45 X 68 Lifter  Diameter of 45mm (1.772) and a total pitch of 68mm (2.677).

Rio 51 GrimRacer 65 x 100  For the Rio 51 Off-Shore Gas Vee Racing Boat. Copper-Beryllium-Titanium material. Fits 1.4 shaft. Can also be used on the V24 One-design.  $38.00
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