Precision Perfomance Products

CorrosionX Aerosol or Liquid for Overseas Customers  A great way to water proof your electrical components. Provides long-term protection against rust and corrosion on any metal surface.
Available in 6oz aerosol for $8.75 or 4oz liquid for $6.95. Only liquid can be shipped out side the Continental US.

SpeedX Bearing Oil  The best bearing lubricator bar none. Lubricates better then products with PTFE. It polar bonds to metal, giving long lasting, heat resistant lubrication. Perfect for motor bearings and thrust bearings. 1oz for $6.95

RejeX  The secret sauce for many top racers. Apply to the bottom of the hull to repel water. Makes the boat shine and is easier to clean after runs.  RejeX leaves a shinier, longer-lasting finish than wax. 12oz for $14.95

Key Chain Camera DVR  Nice little high def video camera that is low profile at only 10mm thick. Nice and flat for taping down. Takes great color video with audio and still photos. Records at 30fps. Easy to use and play back. Comes with USB plug that is used for downloading video and charging the battery. Also comes with 2gig SanDisk. English instructions included. $20.00

Traxxas Water Proof Receiver Box  An excellent way to protect your radios receiver. Small, light weight, space saver. Comes with water proof grease but I would use silicone for a perfect seal. Only $11.60 and worth every penny.

DuraTrax Infrared Temperature Gauge    Wireless for safe and accurate readings. Simply point, push a button, and read the results. Temperature range from -27° to +428°F (-33° to +220°C). Special mode settings allow user to find, hold, and display minimums and maximums of fluctuating temperatures to provide the most accurate information. Auto-off timer preserves battery power by shutting down unit after 15 seconds if not used. Large LCD for easy viewing. Replaceable 3V CR2032 Lithium batter. Comes with wrist strap.  $23.00


Infrared Thermometer  Measures in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Simply point at object and press the button. No need to make contact. Great for checking Motors, Esc's, or Batteries.  3 inches long  $15.00

Lipo Monitor 2-6s  An excellent easy way to check the voltage of your packs. This unit checks the voltage of each cell and then the total of the pack. Simple to use just plug into the balancing tap. Only $5.00

KV-RPM Meter  Check your motors actual kv and rpm under load or no load. Also checks voltage at the same time. Very easy to use and easy to read instructions. No hard wiring required using the provided alligator clips.  $25.00

Grim Racer Prop Balancer  This is a great entry level prop balancer  that includes shafts for 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 props.   $30.00

  TFL Prop Balancer  Comes complete with the following shafts. 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 4mm threaded insert.  1/8, 3/16, 1/4
Can be used on any surface. $19.00ea

Lipo Safe Bag
  Fireproof bag for charging or storage of your lipos. Jumbo size 10 inch wide and 13 inches long.
Only $8.50

Push Button Hatch Locks  Aluminum spring loaded hatch locks. 10mm diameter 22mm total length.
 Sold in pairs for $6.00

Medium Push Button Hatch Locks  Aluminum Spring loaded hatch locks. 12mm diameter 35mm total length.
Sold in pairs for $10.00

Medium Push Button Hatch Locks  Anodized black aluminum Spring loaded hatch locks. 12mm diameter 35mm total length.
Sold in pairs for $10.00

Large Push Button Hatch Locks  Aluminum spring loaded hatch locks. 12mm diameter 42mm total length.
Sold in pairs for $10.00

GrimRacer Cowl Locks  Sold in pairs. Easy release with just a 1/4 turn.

Auto Bailer    Allows water to exit hull when boat is in motion and automatically stops when boat is at rest. This is a 2pc design which makes cleaning easy. Just unscrew to clean.  $5.75

Header  Plastic headers can be glued on or drill your own holes for screw mounting. 175x12x5mm (6.8"x.4"x.2")
Sold individually, one piece for $3.75

Exhaust Pipes  Machined aluminum dummy exhaust pipes. Can be bolted on with 3mm bolts or epoxied to hull. Comes in a pack of 4pcs for $4.00

Short Exhaust Pipes  Machined aluminum dummy exhaust pipes. Just drill a 3mm hole for each pipe to install. Comes in a pack of 2pcs for $3.88

Aquacraft Small Tow Hook   Plastic  1" long and 1/2" high.

Aquacraft Large Tow Hook  Plastic. 1 1/2" long and 1/2" high

Aluminum Tow Hook Small   Anodized aluminum. 2" long and 1/2" high (50mmx12mm)

Aluminum Retrieval Hook Large  Anodized aluminum.  3" long and 3/4" high.  (80mm x 75mm)  $9.00

Louvered Air Outlets CNC machined aluminum inlets. 90x43x2mm. (3.5"x1.7"x.08")  2mm drilled hole. No screws included. Sold in pairs for $25.00

Small Air Inlet  CNC Machined aluminum air inlet with stainless hardware. Adds a little bling.
75x25x2mm thick. (2.95" x 1" x .08")   $4.00 each

Medium Air Inlet  CNC Machined aluminum air inlet with stainless hardware. Adds a little bling.
100x30x2mm thick. (3.9" x 1.2" x .08")   $4.00 each

Large Air Inlet  CNC Machined aluminum air inlet with stainless hardware. Adds a little bling.
120x74x2mm thick. (4.7" x 2.9" x .08")   $6.00 each

Small Louvre  Nice dress up item. 35 long x 20 wide x 1.5mm thick.  (1.4 x .79 x 1/16 inches)  $3.00 per pair.

Medium Louver   65 long x 38 wide x 1.5mm thick.  (2.56 x 1.5 x .060 inches) $3.00 per pair  Discontinued

Large Louver  101 long x 58 wide x 5mm thick.  (3.97 x 2.3 x .2 inches) $4.00 per pair.

Large Snorkels  Fiberglass air snorkels. 142mm long x 51mm wide x 56mm high. Sold in pairs for $9.00

Carbon Fiber Carry Stand  Rails are anodized aluminum with carbon fiber side frames. Adjustable size for all kinds of boats. Works great for vee bottoms and cats or smaller hydros. Velcro straps holds boat secure while transporting.  Nylon carry straps included.  $22.00

4mm Teflon Bushings  Replacement bushings for 4mm shaft. 2pcs for $2.50

3/16 Teflon Bushings  Replacement bushings for 3/16 shaft.  2 pcs for $2.50

5mm Teflon Bushings  Replacement bushings for a 5mm shaft. $2.50 per pair

1/4 teflon bushings  Bushings for 1/4 shafts.  Sold in pairs for $2.50

5mm Thrust Bearing  For any motor with 5mm shaft. Helps prevent wear on motor bearings. Mount between motor and collet.   $7.65ea
Spacer is made to reduce vibration caused by washers. Made in 3 thicknesses .100, .150, .250

4mm Aluminum Bullet Nut  Hard anodized aluminum. Has a 4mm thread.  $2.00

4mm Left Hand Aluminum Bullet Nut Has a left hand 4mm thread. $2.00

4mm Stainless Jam Nut  Used to lock bullet nuts on.  .15 each

4mm Stainless Bullet Nut  Has a 4mm thread. $3.00

10-32 Brass Bullet Nut   Solid brass bullet for 3/16 shafts. Solid brass and Nickel plated brass. $3.45


10-32 Jam Nuts Used to lock bullet nuts on. Solid brass or stainless steel.

3/16 Prop Nut  For straight 3/16 shaft.  $3.00

Electrical Hatch seal tape  Colored electrical tape for sealing the hatch is my personal favorite. You can use this tape more then once which is great for testing and setting up when you need to check for leaks and check your temps. 3/4 wide x 66 feet long.  $1.50 per roll

Hatch Seal Tape. This is probably the most popular tape for sealing up your hatch. Makes a nice watertight seal. Leaves no residue and will not pull your decals when removing.   1 inch wide X 100 feet long.      $2.95 per roll

3M Velcro
.  This is industrial strength 3M Velcro brand velcro with the strongest adhesive back made (blue label). Very strong. This is a great way to keep the lipos or batts in place. Once you know where you want your batts just stick the hook side to your hull and the loop side to your lipos and your good to go. They will not move. Comes in 1 or 2 inch wide. Sold by the foot. You can cut the 2" in half and have enough for 2 pairs of lipos.

Sizes x 1 foot

Velcro One-Wrap Straps   Great for holding your lipos down. 1/2 inch wide and 18 inch long. $1.25 each.

Velcro One-Wrap   A great way to hold down your Lipos or batts.


Black width

Antenna Mount   Beautifully machined aluminum. Far superior to anything on the market.  Machined aluminum. Mount the o-ring on the inside to make a secure and shock absorbing mount. Made in USA   $5.00 ea


Antenna Bracket
  made from aluminum a nice light weight transom mount.      $1.90 each      Made in USA

Dubro Antenna Caps  Comes with 2 caps and 2 silicone retaining collars.

KR Antenna Caps  Vinyl caps for antenna tubes, pack of 5 for 75 cents.

Dubro Colored Antenna Tubes   Add a colored tube to match your paint or your strips. You would be surprised how much different your boat will look. A nice affordable add on.

Antenna Mount Only  Beautifully machined aluminum with aluminum nut.

Small Boat Stand  Laser cut wood boat stand for boats under 25 inches long.  $6.00

Medium Boat Stand  Laser cut boat stand for boats 25-32 inches long. $8.00

Large Boat Stand  Laser cut boat stand for boats 32-40 inch long. $10.00

Extra Large Boat Stand  Laser cut boat stand for boats 40 inch and longer. $10.00

Large Cat Stand  

Hatch Hold Downs / Cover Locks  Aluminum hold downs with o-rings and screws. Can be used to hold down hatchs or radio box lids. $7.00

Grim Racer Speed Grease  AQUB9500  2ounces  One of the best cable greases on the market and enough to last years.

Hatch Bolt  Knurled aluminum for excellent grip. Great when installed on your hatch for better lifting. 4mm thread and 10mm long. 18mm total length.  8mm head diameter.  Comes with stainless washer and nut. $1.20 each

Small Hatch Bolt Knurled aluminum for excellent grip even with wet or cold fingers. Great for lifting hatches. 4mm thread 7mm long. 13mm total length, 6mm head diameter. Comes with stainless washer and nut. $1.20 each

4" Colored Zip Ties   Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Black, Orange.  Sold in packs of 25pcs for .75 or 100pcs for $2.50


Extra Long Zip Ties  12" long. Perfect width for use with servo or esc mounts.  10pcs for $1.00

Ram Bilge Pump  This Boat Saver Bilge Pump Designed For 6-12 Volt Operation. When installed into the bottom of your radio box or hull, this device will detect the presence of water in the boat's interior and engage.  $27.00

Aluminum Bilge/Fuel Pump  4.8v-6volt  flow 1000cc/min

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