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Carbon Fiber 33" Harpoon
  On the Hulls page

KR Genesis 3/16 Upgrade Strut  This strut converts your Genesis to 3/16 drive. Comes with standard length floating bushing.

KR Large Transom Fitting  Anodized aluminum large fitting for 4mm line and larger. Has a full 4mm diameter thru hole. Threads are M8 x 1/2 inch long for the thickest transoms.

KR M41 Dual Pickup Rudder  Blue anodized cnc machined dual cooling rudder. This is a direct bolt on to stock bracket, nothing else needed. Run one line to your esc and the other to the motor for maximum performance. $20.00

M41  3/16 Upgrade Kit  Welded 3/16 flex and 3/16 shaft cut to length with soldered end for collet grip. 10/32 locknut. Upgrade strut with 3/16 floating bushing. Stainless steal 3/16 collet. This is a direct bolt on unit. $55.00

Motor Mounting Hex Key Set  This is a must have for installing motors in most FE boats. Made with 1/4 hex stock and 2.5mm High Torque Allen key. Use with your socket or open end wrench to make motor installation so much easier. $7.50

Carbon Fiber Cheetah

Pro Boat Black Jack 24" Upgrade Strut Kit  On the ProBoat page.

KR 2 Axis Motor Mount Plate  Made for flat bottom or deep vee installs. Increased adjustability and is a direct bolt on replacement for the TFL mounts, no mods required.  $7.00

KR X-Long 2 Axis Carbon Fiber Motor Mount   Fits 36mm or 40mm diameter motors. Made for flat bottom or deep vee installs. This motor mount allows for angular adjustment and height alignment to the stuffing tube. Multiple mounting holes for the lowest possible center of gravity. Nice large opening for thrust bearings and allows you to remove the motor without removing the collet. The adjustable tail brace allows for any length motor and up to a 70mm water jacket. The low profile makes installing and motor maintenance easier. Tail ring sold separately. Only available at Kintec Racing.  $30.00

Carbon Fiber Rudder  Made from solid carbon fiber sheet. Extra length rudder at 140mm (5 1/2") over all length. Fits the Popeye, Zonda, Genisis and our center mount cat  bracket.  $15.00

Kintec Racing's 3.5 Bullet Drive Motor Mount   Bolts on transom using same hole pattern as the Hyperformance motor mount. Larger bolts keeps the Bullet Drive from moving. Is a direct bolt on, no need to change anything. $15.00

Dual Cooling Upgrade Rudder  Fits Popeye, Zonda, Genisis. 125mm total length. $17.00

One For All Balance Board  This mulit adapter balancing board makes things easy. Balance any type lipo 2-6s. Has balance plugs for JST-HX, Hyperion, ThunderPower, Flight Power, Align, JST-EH, Robbe, Graupner, Poly. No need to carry any other board. Has 3 plugs for the balance cable to charger so no matter what you have it will fit. $6.50

BlackJack 29 Break Away Bracket A direct bolt on rudder bracket with break away feature to protect the rudder and transom. $25.00

Mystic Break Away Bracket This bracket is machined for the same placement as the stock rudder but has the breakaway feature to protect your transom and rudder.  $25.00

Voltage Protector  This voltage protector helps prevent your receiver from dropping below its required operating voltage. This helps to eliminate "brown outs" and prevents your receiver from rebooting. It will also help reduced the load on your ESCs BEC and reduce the likelihood of glitching. Simply plug it in to any spare channel on your receiver.  $4.00 each

5.5mm Bullet Parallel Connectors  Allows you to connect 2 lipos in parallel for double the run time. Made in USA. $15.00 per set

5.5mm Spark Eliminator  This portable wire assembly eliminates the spark when plugging in your lipos and helps stop stressing your esc. The 5.5mm bullets are connected with solid copper bar to reduce resistance. Very easy to use just plug and go. $15.00

Low Voltage Alarm 2s-4s  Made for on board use. Plugs into balance lead to detect low voltage on any cell. If any cell drops below 3.3v a very loud alarm will sound and the green lights change from green to red. Very handy lightweight unit. $3.75

Expandable Marine Foam This expandable 2 part polyurethane water proof flotation boat foam is low density and closed cell. It weighs 2 pounds per cubic foot. Each kit contains 3oz of each part A and B.  $10.00 per kit.
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